Forever and a Death

Forever and a Death

by Donald E. Westlake

Price: $22.99(Hardcover)
Published: June 13, 2017
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From the Publisher: The Bond That Never Was Two decades ago, the producers of the James Bond movies hired legendary crime novelist Donald E. Westlake to come up with a story for the next Bond film. The plot Westlake dreamed up – about a Western businessman seeking revenge after being kicked out of Hong Kong when the island was returned to Chinese rule – had all the elements of a classic Bond adventure, but political concerns kept it from being made. Never one to let a good story go to waste, Westlake wrote an original novel based on the premise instead – a novel he never published while he was alive. Now, nearly a decade after Westlake’s death, Hard Case Crime is proud to give that novel its first publication ever, together with a brand new afterword by one of the movie producers describing the project’s genesis, and to give fans their first taste of the Westlake-scripted Bond that might have been.

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Here's the Bond film that got away. Admired by fellow mystery writers, the late Donald E. Westlake never became a name-brand author but he turned out a lot of great books, some very funny, some very tough-minded and all of them ideal for turning into movies and tv shows. (He wrote the Oscar-nominated script for The Grifters.) Westlake had enough juice to be approached in the 1990s by the producers behind James Bond to come up with a scenario for a new film. He did, setting it in Hong Kong. For various reasons, they took a pass but Westlake couldn't let a good idea die and turned it into a novel and then promptly filed it away. Now it's resurfaced and  being officially published for the first time. Oh what Pierce Brosnan might have done with this.

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The orange wetsuit, that gun pose, the comma of hair above the eye - stop twisting my arm, Hard Case!” -  Birth. Movies. Death

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About The Author
Donald E. Westlake
Donald E. Westlake is widely regarded as one of the great crime writers of the 20th Century. He won three Edgar Awards and was named a Grandmaster by the Mystery Writers of America.  Many of his books have been made into movies; Westlake also wrote the screenplay for "The Grifters," for which he received an Academy Award nomination.
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  • $22.99 (Hardcover)
  • June 13, 2017
  • Hard Case Crime
  • 240
  • 1785654233
  • 9781785654237